Text Tools

It is a software service which allows you to search and replace the text, add text, sorting of text, word counting, character counting, number counting, syllables counting, random text generating and also perform other common tasks with manipulating text. It also helps us to find the most frequent phrases and frequencies of word, These text tool allows anyone to mold text according to their requirements. You can paste the text in a text box that you want to modify on the text box and then choose one or more than one option to change the text and its format.

Formatting Tools

Formatting tools allow you to format text, through this tool you can format messy html code and make it readable, you can cleaned up your ugly, minified css style sheet and make it pretty, through this tool you can also format date and time according to your required date and time format, also you can format XML string with your desired indentation level and you can remove line brakes that occurs when you copy text from PDF or a website. This tool will help you to reduce your time in cleaning ugly CSS stylesheet, managing html files, formatting dates and time.

Website Tools

It is a service which helps you to analyze the performance of your website and helps you in improving the performance of it. This tool analyzes the keyword, Meta tag, Meta description, Google site view, sitemap, SEO friendly URLs, website loading speed, cache test, flash test, HTML tags, broken link test, size of images and tags, mobile responsiveness etc. Based on these analysis reports this tool will suggest improvement for a website and its batter performance and let you know most priority fixes for improving the performance of the website and helps you in fixing those issues.

Hashing Tools

Hashing is a process of transforming a string of character into a shorter key that represent the original string. Hash tool allows you to calculate the hash of numerous documents. A file hash is a signature of a record and is utilized in various applications, including checking the integrity of downloaded documents. This application encourages you rapidly and effortlessly lists the hashes of your records. You can likewise make hashes for lists of text strings. It also helps you to enable security during the process of massage transmission when the message is for a particular recipient only. Hashes upheld incorporate MD5, SHA-1 etc.